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The key to every Sisterhood is membership.

Women join Sisterhood for a variety of reasons. You have to start by asking them. Inevitably, they will ask, "Why should I join"? You can give them many different answers such as:

The list goes on. It is important that the members of your sisterhood board understand why they joined and can share those reasons with others.

You should have a membership committee and remember that membership is an ongoing process; it is a year-long campaign. For more specific pointers on how to set up a membership committee and a month by month guide to membership, please go to the leadership dashboard section of the WRJ website and download the brochure "Membership Matters".

If you have a great example of a paid up membership event or any other kind of membership related event, email it to along with a few lines that describes what you have done.

Membership Appreciation Tea

Every year Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has an Annual Membership Appreciation Tea that is a very well attended and successful event. They combine the tea with a prize draw from a fundraising raffle. This draw is one of the main fundraisers they do every year. The tea always includes entertainment and gives them a chance to touch base with many members and friends they have not seen for a while.
Click here for an example of the flyer for this event.