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What's New in the District

Women of Reform Judaism Has a New Mission Statement

The WRJ Board of Directors has approved a new Mission Statement, which reads as follows:

Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) strengthens the voice of women worldwide and empowers them to create caring communities, nurture congregations, cultivate personal and spiritual growth, and advocate for and promote progressive Jewish values.

Members of the WRJ Board from the Northeast District present at the WRJ Board meeting, which took place May 30-June 1, 2015 in New York City, were:

Robin Sobol, Lyn Feldman, Trina Novak, Judy Silverman, Abby Fisher, Rona Weinstein, Vivian Blumstein, Carol LeBovidge, Sharon Sobel, Patti Grossman, Patti Nacht, Denise Levine, Sara Charney, and Natalie Berhumoglu.

(Not pictured, but also on the WRJ Board are Carmen Holzman, Norma Levitt, Ellen Rosenberg, Carole Sterling, and Barbara Thomas.)


The theme of Many Threads...One Tapestry was amplified throughout the weekend of November 6th - 9th in Albany, New York, at the Fourth Northeast District Convention. In song and prayer, in workshops, in the blooming of our YES Tree, and the crafting of our new District tallit, the diversity of our talents and the unity of our mission were illuminated and honored.

Rabbi Jaime Shalhevet provided spiritual leadership and inspiration through workshops, choir participation, and Shabbat services. Dan Nichols joined us in a celebration of harmony of song and spirit. Susan Bass, the First Vice President of Women of Reform Judaism, shared new strategies and initiatives, training new leaders in the organization and those who hope to enrich their own sisterhoods and women's groups. And Rosanne Selfon, a Past President of WRJ, presided over the installation of Denise Levine as President of the NE District, new officers, and the Area Directors who will serve our Sisterhoods for the next two years.

The weekend's events were sandwiched between the final Board meeting of Robin Sobol's tenure, and the first Board meeting of Denise's term. Both of our outstanding leaders were honored and thanked for what they had accomplished, and for the vision established for the future.

The spirit of the weekend is best described in two poems by Cheryl Greenfield, Co-President of Temple Beth-El in Providence, Rhode Island. She was inspired to compose them soon after returning home. Please click here to read Cheryl's poems.

Cheryl's eloquence speaks for all who attended our District's Fourth Biennial Convention.

With many thanks to everyone who contributed to the weekend, and those who attended. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

Carmen Holzman, Cathy Sacks, Jane Sanders, Sharon Sobel

Additional Comments about Biennial 2014 from several sisterhood delegates:

--It was well organized, informative, and inspiring. There was something for everyone. I loved the opportunity to learn from and share with others. The more I learn, the more proud I am to be part of WRJ.
--I have attended many conventions in the past, both Assembly as well as Districts, this was one of the best. I wanted to "inspire" my future leaders with the same enthusiasm I have for WRJ and I believe this was accomplished in many ways.
--Great services and music. Loved the Saturday afternoon sessions for Shabbat. Great way to observe Shabbat and still grow as Sisterhood members both personally and spiritually.
--We were left with a wonderful feeling of connection and goodwill.
--The spirit of Sisterhood radiated throughout.

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